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i am going through my 'top songs of 2016' and my music taste has vastly changed. it's now a lot less....blunt? with feelings, somewhat. going through this had made me feel that i've matured a little, even though i feel the exact same on the inside.

i think my neighbours are trying to revolt.

not that i blame them, but still, i would've liked the invite.

i am taking care of kids today, so a binge on animated movies is inevitable.

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If you could end COVID-19 by sacrificing one programming language, which one would you choose and why is it PHP?

i guess i gotta look into pascal now.

this will only end in an addiction or poorly

it is supposed to snow tonight

i am sick of snow
i'll have to deal with it tomorrow at work

these are works that have helped me whether through background noise through hardship, or helping me get through said hardships. whether they've been with me through my entire life or only in the past recent years. i wanted to share the art i owe so much of my personality, and my love of art to.

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all foreign text, if you hover over it, it'll display it's english name

and shmap'n shmazz, because there is no way i am ever typing the full title out ever again

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i added a list of some of my favourite works of art on my website

just because of an urge to share what i love

adding more content to my website

absolute fun

i was listening to a podcast that went from DnD to stocks, and this was what came to my head.

everything about this image accidentally made it perfect in my eyes

it feels so surreal for everyone in my family to have a little space in my house to "work from home" and then there's me working retail

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