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first thing said in irc in 2 years


i don't even know how i'd begin to restring this guitar

or well....about as good and easy to use with dynamic link

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has video editing on linux gotten just as good as adobe yet? i would like to uninstall

git has been giving me headaches all day and i am just about sick of it

protests happening near where i live

tonight is a fun night


in the link to devine's twitter, there's an extra quotation mark, so it doesn't work

watching anime with my friend, and they mention sending letters

i miss sending letters to penpals in middle school

for a temporary website, i sure am adding a lot of stuff to it

opening up for the first time in 2 years is a time capsule of what i used to be interested in musically, jeez.

git makes me feel like the weakest man alive

i need a better way to deploy to my website rather than just dragging and dropping files through FTP

so...does the sailor hat come with the boat? or is it sold separately?

asking for a friend

i don't think i ever posted this but i added a little "about" page for the kind of stuff i would use to describe the themes of what i try to make.

it's temporary while i work on my the "release" of my site, but hey i did something.

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