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specifically i am interested in the games in the app, and the expanded landmarkers lenses, i would have too much fun thinking of what i could make appear in certain buildings and physical features in a whole city block, it would be so much fun

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although i do not agree with snapchat in many ways, i always love watching their partner summit because of all the cool stuff they're doing. if i had a way to play around with a lot of the stuff they released this year, without being a partner, i would be having a lot of fun right now.

once i actually figure out how to get javascript to do anything i want

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i should work on trying to make something that takes a txt file and just displays that on a web page, that would make my life a whole lot easier

you know those bolts on bridges? my hobby is taking those out.

i disabled comments on a lot of websites and i feel like browsing the web is just a lot cleaner now

finally figured out what style of bridge i have so i can google effectively

1) today i have setup znc so i can chat on the irc channel without feeling like im spamming with leaving and joining, even though it probably doesn't work
2) made a script to click 3 million times and it's still running

friend: "can you make a script so i don't ruin my mouse in this click-game?"
me: "sure but it's gonna run 3 million times with no way to stop it"
me, testing it out: "well fuck"

first thing said in irc in 2 years


i don't even know how i'd begin to restring this guitar

or well....about as good and easy to use with dynamic link

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has video editing on linux gotten just as good as adobe yet? i would like to uninstall

git has been giving me headaches all day and i am just about sick of it

protests happening near where i live

tonight is a fun night


in the link to devine's twitter, there's an extra quotation mark, so it doesn't work

watching anime with my friend, and they mention sending letters

i miss sending letters to penpals in middle school

for a temporary website, i sure am adding a lot of stuff to it

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