"Although Lunar Loops was written for two traditionally tuned guitars, during the piece the strings are retuned while playing to 12 differently tuned open strings. The strings are then played in microtone-harmonics which gradually introduce a cascade of multiple clusters which climax at the apex of this mirror canon. Eventually the strings are returned (while playing) to the original guitar string tuning." -Gloria Coates


This is still the best way I've found to map out polyrhythms, like these 3/8 + 2/4 patterns that go in and out of sync

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Oh hey what now!? Haha, I was not expecting this to happen!
Neil Cosgrove has made a 2D game engine for SuperCollider:



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lmfao, OpenAI tried to make their AI less biased by shoving words like "black" on the end of people's inputs


I have an autism spectrum diagnosis! This is a big deal for me — I know a lot of autistic people self-diagnose for a variety of good reasons, but for me it was important to get a professional assessment. Throughout my life, various people have been utterly convinced that I'm autistic, while a roughly equal number of people have been utterly convinced that I'm not. It feels really good to get some clarity on this.

This is the best impulse purchase I've made in a long time

Saw some good hexagons the other day (sea anemones growing on a metal frame at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point)

Robyn (feat. Jordan Peterson) - Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do (Woke Moralists remix)

Running my old opera from 12 years ago through MIDITrail for "fun"

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What was it like playing Angry Birds on an iPhone 3G? We do not know; Apple is no longer distributing signed receipts for that binary. To future historians—not just of computing, but of humanity—the current period will be a dark age.


Similarly, he naively imagines pure science will solve all the world's problems, and is dismissive of anyone who tries to apply a moral or social lens to science.

Anyway it's a deeply weird book and a fascinating read if you can get past the first few chapters, 7/10

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The plot centers around a conference where a handful of scientists are trying to develop a Theory of Everything. I think the book's most glaring flaw is its treatment of religions, which take the form of "Ignorance Cults" that are explicitly anti-science. Egan is unable to imagine the religious impulse as anything except an excuse for people to hate on science, and it's a silly caricature.

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I finished reading Distress by Greg Egan. It turned out to be a better book than I expected! The annoying protagonist was less of a self-insert character than I initially assumed, and most of his small-minded beliefs about politics and gender get satisfyingly demolished as the story develops.


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