How is discord an acceptable tool for building communities?

Looks like convenience IS pretty much more important than privacy to most people. What a shame.

I care though, and I’m excluded from discord-exclusive communities.

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@dheadshot That doesn’t make it acceptable though. In my book, anyways.

It makes it acceptable though to enough people to make it really difficult not to take part...

@irimi1 ikr. we're getting there with tho :)

things are bound to get way more interesting when we push out the work done on making it work in web browsers, instead of the current standalone clients

@cblgh @irimi1 i’d not seen before, looks super interesting

@ols @irimi1 hey thanks! desktop clients in a rough state right now (we have a bunch of bug fixes but haven't made a public release yet) but the terminal client should be relatively bugfree atm :~

@cblgh this looks really interesting! I'll take a look at it

@irimi1 It’s marginally better than IRC and completely separate from Slack, which gets used for lots of workplaces and doesn’t really support multiple accounts well. Seems like it has decent mod tools or bots to automate those functions. It seems like it really depends on the moderation of the community.

@irimi1 I don't think it's acceptable but they have conceptualized "servers" of communities pretty well for the end user. It can be very difficult to get new friends on board with that in the Fediverse, just even for joining. Then there's extra friction if you wanna host your own community. Convenience is pretty key.

@irimi1 i completely empathize with this, but i also just watched an organization take shape on a discord over the course of a few days that produced and distributed over 40k pieces of PPE to NYC hospitals during the peak of the crisis. it's important to be able to prioritize.

@irimi1 I've had good luck getting groups to use a hosted mattermost instance, they're so easy to setup

@irimi1 Friendly usage, like Zoom, Tik Tok, etc.

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