The amount of music recommendations using bandcamp links on this instance is very pleasing.

@irimi1 bandcamp is awesome, I spend hours there digging through niche genres and artists. Their editorials are also great as an introduction to a subgenre.

@v Yes, and it’s super cool to discover stuff you’ve never even heard of before and instantly falling in love with it 💜

@irimi1 Yeah! Feels like "digging in the crates", but digital! 😆

@v While it does save space, it doesn’t really prevent me from spending significant amounts of money though 😅

@irimi1 Haha true! 😂 I tend to buy from artists I really love or from unknown indies, the rest I just stream ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@v I rely heavily on playlists for listening while working, so that doesn’t really work for me ;)

@irimi1 I decided to browse Bandcamp after reading your toot, and already discovered an an amazing chiptune album created by someone living in my town (!), who also created a Nintento Game Boy game during lockdown:

@gendor I’m listening to their tunes right now, they’re super chill! Thanks for the recommendation ;)

Gosh I love music! 💜

@gendor ...and the fediverse.
...and this instance in particular.


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