Since y’all seem to speak french, what french media do you enjoy consuming? I.e. youtube channels, blogs, music, whatever.

I would like to improve my skills :)

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Thanks y'all for your input! It's gonna take me a bit to work through that 😊

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@electret Thank you, that’s perfect! A channel on interesting topics which has subtitles for everything 👌

@irimi1 @electret +1 For Nota Bene, I can recommend Axolot on Youtube or Alt236 (could be a little complicated, artistic subject with sometimes hard vocabulary) but both have a gorgeous voice to listen.

@Erjaeger @electret I agree with the voices! Alt236 is still a little fast for me though without french subtitles. Man this is harder than I thought ^^

@irimi1 @electret I was going to recommend you "Bref." But in the comment : "I was trying to learn French and someone recommended me this...
I understood like 3% of everything
.... man he talks fast" Soo I'm not so sure ahahah. There's Cyrus North too, he speaks about Philosophy

@irimi1 On YouTube checkout game spectrum for video games, alt236 for pop culture things. In music for learning French I like to recommend some old French rap for learning people, like L’école du micro d’argent by IAM or Prose Combat by Solaar. They are intelligible and write very nice texts.

@thomasorus Cool, thank you! alt236 sadly only has english subtitles which throws me off too far as it turns out. But I’m excited to listen to the music. So far I know only Irie Revoltés which make a german/english/french mixture of lyrics and stuff like Manau or Les Trucs from my french courses at school :D

@irimi1 « le fossoyeur de films » for movies and Nexus VI for sci-fi specifically.

You’ve already been suggested Nota Bene, you can also watch « Avides de recherches » for history. « C’est une autre histoire » for art history.

There are always more, of course.

Good luck 🙏

@irimi1 if you want to learn french, listen to the signer Barbara.

There's a link to my favourite song of her at the bottom of this page I think:

@neauoire @irimi1 I would also add George Brassens

As for movies :
- Les chansons d’amour
- 8 femmes
- Les quatre cents coups

@irimi1 Youtube sadly, but only a few youtubers. Otherwise french IRC

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