I’m hyped to see prototypes of the PinePhone’s keyboard attachment at the end of the year, which will also contain a battery extension as counterweight.
I don’t know how using it as an actual phone without headset will work with this though.

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I’d still be more than happy to use it as the pocket computer I always wanted, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to go feature phone for anything else yet :D

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@irimi1 I would be more worried about the joints which looks kinda weak on the picture.... the best mechanism I ever used for a phone was the one for the slideout of N950. ;)

@shellkr I agree that one is pretty good. Although I didn’t have too much opportunity to play around with one ;)

it’s a render for a prototype though, so let’s see where it leads. Also they wrote a slide-out mechanism would make the phone too clunky in the blogpost.

@irimi1 Either way a physical keyboard triumph a thouch every time. Perfect if you want to ssh, email e.t.c... writing anything longer than two sentences is cumbersome on a touch interface.

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