Wow, another artist that deleted their Bandcamp page. And now they're asking their fans for a backup of their music 🤨

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@irimi1 "another"? Is there something happening with bandcamp these days?

@electret I don’t think so. It’s probably just my luck.

@irimi1 when they delete do you lose their music from your collection?

@electret It’s still counted to it for some reason, but you can’t find/download it anymore.

@irimi1 ah that sucks. I get artists not wanting to make their creations available but people that got it should be able to keep it :/

@Zonal Not sure, they didn’t specify. Sounds a little like a unthought-through mood thing, as they created a new Bandcamp page to upload their music to? Another artist (making offensive breakcore mixes as a woman in Somalia) probably got into some kind of trouble, I could imagine. Or decided to do something else and leave nothing behind. Who knows.

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