I adopted a ficus yesterday one of my neighbours put on the street to give away 💜 🌱

An absurd solution to a problem that shouldn’t even exist in the first place is called “dongle server”. 🙄

Big quality-of-life upgrade for my homeoffice right here. Probably the best 30 bucks I spent this year.

And now all seven of them opened! 😍

Leaves look a little weird though, I guess I was a little *too* conservative with watering it.

This is going to be the base for my "cyberdeck" project (for the lack of a better name yet).
Let’s hope the TKC-1800 PCB will fit in there so I can get some MX clears in there.

Ideally, if the new PCB is small enough, I’ll fit a Raspberry Pi 4 in there by taking the magnet card reader out and mount the display of my old Thinkpad on it.

It will also get a sling to carry it across the venue of future Chaos Computer Club events.

...at least that’s the idea ;)

Tweaked my `i3status-rs` config a little and set myself a new wallpaper. Looks really neat on a blank desktop (after starting up) and a little like a clean home.

Took a picture of my today, since my employer wanted to do a collage or something. So this is what it’s currently like :)

I have kind and wise friends. Just found this in my mail.

I repurposed some old pallets to home some plants on my balcony. The first residents already moved in :)

I like playing around with dotgrids mirror axis feature at times.


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