The thing I hate about vaporwave though is that it fucks up the cmus TUI royally :/

I’m hyped to see prototypes of the PinePhone’s keyboard attachment at the end of the year, which will also contain a battery extension as counterweight.
I don’t know how using it as an actual phone without headset will work with this though.

I’ve been told I have a weird way of reading books sometimes.

Look at these stickers @pagrus sent me 😍 Thank you so much!!

Actually, here is the original version. My downscale script might be a bit much for anything more than snapshots.

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Learning how to properly take photos while going on a walk.

Since PostmarketOS still has some issues with the LCD panel that replaced the old one last minute (it’s being worked on), I tried out the Arch image running phosh for the UI. Looks promising, but clearly is still WIP :)

Sticker artists make for the best mail friends 💜

My first ever tablet arrived in the mail today, and it’s gorgeous! ✨💜

Too bad I still have actual work to do before I can play 😅

Making music back in the days was kinda fun! Too bad I have no idea how actual proper music making software nowaday works on linux.

That’s a fairly representative heatmap of artist origins of the music I listen to. I’d happy to take recommendations for electronic music to get colour into the grey spots on the map! :)

Remember the “jarden” I planted last year and have never opened since? It’s still going strong! :)

Folks I’m doing it! I’m doing something despite being intimidated by y’alls amazing output 💪😀

Oh my god look at this mess. I’m having flashbacks right now.

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I adopted a ficus yesterday one of my neighbours put on the street to give away 💜 🌱

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