This book suddenly got so thrilling last night I had to finish it before going to sleep. 🤷‍♂️

I promised myself to design and print (order) more stickers this year. This super generic basic ass design is the first fruit of it.

I finally made a little progress again on a project that has been lying around for way too long. I finished the soldering. Now I need to put everything into the enclosure, make appropriate holes for the connectors and the switch (that's going to be fun), and then: software!

I started another jarden a few weeks back, but still have to let out some moisture from time to time. I hope it’s not too much still. Although the kalanchoe daigremontiana is native to Madagascar, it prefers a dry and rocky habitat.

I have no idea how it will go once the plants develop their masses of plantlets on the leaves. Hopefully I can get this jar going long enough until I’ll see :)

I finished reading 2001: A Space Odyssey this morning (couldn’t wait). What a deep book this is, I’ll probably keep thinking about the plot for weeks!

I *think* I don’t put this one on the stack of read books I want to sell/give away again 😅

Okay, let’s try to do better at this green tea thing. 🍵

May I present to you this absolute majestic spider plant at my parent’s place? 💚

My mother cuts the offset occasionally so it doesn’t touch the floor.

This is probably one of the funniest stickers I’ve ever seen at a hacker conference.

Man I really wish I liked github. Their merch game is on point.

win10, computer aids 

“We know you need updates, but we can’t do it right now for whatever reason. Please enjoy your surprise reboot during deep work time.”

The thing I hate about vaporwave though is that it fucks up the cmus TUI royally :/

I’m hyped to see prototypes of the PinePhone’s keyboard attachment at the end of the year, which will also contain a battery extension as counterweight.
I don’t know how using it as an actual phone without headset will work with this though.

I’ve been told I have a weird way of reading books sometimes.

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