@ovelny Not really a polyglot, but I know what you’re speaking of.

Since I interact in and consume a lot of english in my daily life, I sometimes struggle to express a thought in my native language, which I could do better in english.

I’d think that’s because at times I form thoughts in english which I then have to translate back.

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The rusty spotted cat is the world's smallest feline. This cat is fully grown. It's a perma-kitty

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#Twitter to #Mastodon #crossposting is really annoying, if you do it and don’t care about interacting with people on the #fediverse please stop

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She knew the advice for confronting tigers. Never look away first. But this was no tiger.

The dragon's eyes, amber with gold flecks, felt like they pierced her soul. In that moment, they knew each other.

She remembered a leaping from a mountaintop nest and spreading her wings for the first time. The dragon remembered training with a spear as a young girl and learning to hunt.

And they both remembered gazing at the stars and wishing for companionship.

#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Olivia would normally not dress this sexy, but when she knows she could use it to persuade her client to add a bit more to her cred stick when completing a run, she'll use it to her advantage.

#art #mastoart #sketchbook #ink #watercolor #OriginalCharacter #shadowrun #orc #horns #cyberpunk #neon

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Thanks y'all for your input! It's gonna take me a bit to work through that 😊

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@Erjaeger oh, I didn't know about that, I should give it a listen :)

Yesss, the Futuristic Sex Robotz put up a memorial to ther nerdy rap music :D


@Erjaeger @electret I agree with the voices! Alt236 is still a little fast for me though without french subtitles. Man this is harder than I thought ^^

@thomasorus Cool, thank you! alt236 sadly only has english subtitles which throws me off too far as it turns out. But I’m excited to listen to the music. So far I know only Irie Revoltés which make a german/english/french mixture of lyrics and stuff like Manau or Les Trucs from my french courses at school :D

@electret Thank you, that’s perfect! A channel on interesting topics which has subtitles for everything 👌

Since y’all seem to speak french, what french media do you enjoy consuming? I.e. youtube channels, blogs, music, whatever.

I would like to improve my skills :)

I adopted a ficus yesterday one of my neighbours put on the street to give away 💜 🌱

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