I saw this nice poem at a museum and can't find it on the internet

I'm v interested in the source, I think it was Hilma Berglund?? part of the poem is covered by a festive ending. I wonder if the original ending underneath is different.

"from a lowly crawling thing
to the flutter of a wing
what marvel there!
on tree, on weed

with great zest it fed, grew fair.
then one day 'twas gone. oh where?
only punctured leaves remained
where its livelihood was gained."

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its okay to never know who you are.
you are many infinite selves. like little streams that collapse to form the river of you.

being constant is a lie they tell to isolate us. never stop listening & changing yourself moment to moment. we should flow into each other, it's in our nature

static motionless personas are for brands

i think i see gptchat as hopeful? as in, I hope it floods search engine indexes with tons of reasonable sound garbage, maybe knocking automated hyper indexers down a few pegs. search driven adtech about to have a race to the bottom imho :ouroboros:

this nurse uniform + jacket at the Swedish institute gives me so much life :rek_omnicat_wah: I wana wear this to an event or smth

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I find a rock pile, i stack rocks, it's the rules :uxn:

I took pics of the gas price for the person who filled up their SUV vs me filling up my moped o__o :moar:

my little selfgiving. I got some wine and made mac n cheez (comfort meal), my kit hen is a mess and I'm ready to unwind. I visited a lighthouse today & sat with it until the sun set :uxn:

I also saw a really confident guy & couldn't help but take a pic, I think he looks ready for anything

an interesting thing about being motorcyclist is it feels way safer than road biking ever did.

maybe bc of the sad cycling infra in america & how aggressively motorists treat bicyclists.

on a bicycle, cars park in my lane, ppl tailgate me, I've been driven off the road, cussed at, and pretty much felt scared every time I had to take the road, praying noone would end me

but on a motorcycle everyone is very kind, cautious

I think road cyclists are very brave & deserve way more respect

happy *giving to anyone who is celebrating! 🥔

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I just published a new blog post about hardware choices for home-brew servers:


I always wait to eat until I'm starving, but then I don't have energy to pick wat to eat 3:

then I get stressed & buy a processed mystery bar

im the spirit of @klardotsh's post, i'm now 4 years nicotine free :thisisfine:

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