@j3s FWIW the US military personnel stationed on Diego Garcia are all spooks and spies whose chain of command ends at NSA, not the Pentagon.

@fuzz huh :\ i think that makes me feel worse tbh

@j3s On the plus side the island is completely overrun with feral cats?

@j3s I very much enjoyed this thought post thing. I knew about the plight of the Chargossians (thanks to John Pilger, 'Freedom Next Time') but never connected the .io TLD.
Icky indeed.

@j3s thanks jes, your post put a smile on me in the morning

@j3s I did not know this. Now I'm sad. I have an io domain

@bigjimmynz its ok! I have a .sh domain, which has a similar past. I hope that this post informs ppl and helps them not be sad about their TLD choices heh

@cassvs thx :uxn: I'm no web dev but I do write poetry, so I love messing with formatting :3

@j3s Would you consider making, or be open to someone else making, a screen-reader friendly version of this, and linking it near the top of the document? At the moment this is a very beautiful page that is unfortunately kinda hostile to folks using visual assistance tech.

@ironiridis if someone else made a more accessible version, I would accept it and link it up front!

@j3s I did not know any of this about the .io domains. Thank you!

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