developing taste is the most important part of solving a problem

wish existing services made the identity of the users opaque to their analysis

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data collection isn't the real problem; we need to fight for *data ownership*. the ability to monitor our health, life and progress is an incredible feat, but the secession of this information allows others to track it as well as we can

no human being deserves to have their life bound to the well being of a state

if i can't read my handwriting neither can the machines

public transportation is infinitely more sustainable than an electric automobile : )

big acronym fan but asus gpu-infused laptops are not sustainable and not the future

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"What we call AI, that is, machine learning acting in the world, is actually a political technology in the broadest sense. Yet under the cover of algorithmic claims to objectivity, neutrality and universality, there's an infrastructual switch of allegiance to algorithmic governance."

as code is inherently nonlinear, it's unclear how crafting a narrative with interspersed code can be extensible enough for use

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