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I have half a mind to, once I feel that I've become a Good Developer:
abandon all of my existing accounts and baggage. &
adopt a pseudonym behind which i can work with freedom.

such an effort goes against the completely public mindset i've been striving to live by thus far, but it could help me build a public persona in ways unlinked to my physical identity, government registration, etc.

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What I'd really like to see is more truly indie fiction movies, distributed outside of Disney et al! I'm happy to sacrifice something to look at in favour of better stories I'm allowed to own, but not everyone is.

From @ajroach42 on this topic: http://ajroach42.com/diy-media/


Relatedly: I saw a video this morning describing how hard it is to avoid spoilers (defined overly generously) today. I don't have to worry about that, I'm not going to watch those films anyways!

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also, is there any way for me to change my '@'? i've 'rebranded' myself to @jakeisnt, but i can't seem to change my tag in the settings

is anyone on merveilles taking commissions for profile pictures? would love to support the community & have something more personal to use!

Hey all, purchasing a new domain on gandi.net.

Any recommendations for the number of years I should purchase it for? Do they substantially overcharge for domain renewals? I'm getting a substantial discount for this domain currently according to their site but am concerned that I may not have the same opportunity when I renew.

If gandi.net isn't a good website to use, please recommend me an alternative domain name registrar!


thanks for the advice.
going to isolate myself from the internet for awhile.
i'll be back when i've made something i'm proud of

i've been intaking far more information - forum links, new technologies, new projects - in the past few days than i could hope to fully process in the next few weeks.

collecting information through interaction online has become a bit of an addiction for me - i want to create rather than using the tools of others.

has anyone else struggled with this? any suggested coping mechanisms?

i sense that a complete quarantine from the internet will be the most productive choice here

Cunningham's wiki seems to be maintained, but it's written entirely in coffeescript and riddled with legacy dependencies like lodash...

If anyone is interested in working on building a wiki based on the protocol he's designed, let's start talking!

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Are there any currently ongoing federated wiki projects? I've been learning about Cunningham's work developing a federated wiki and would love to contribute.


what privacy respecting messaging service do you use?

i'm currently using signal but am concerned about the organization's general lack of transparency; i refuse to use a facebook product.
i'd like to use a service i can stick to with confidence

contemplating the boundaries we draw to separate hardware and software.

the unix system can serve any purpose - and to use a single system conserves resources and enables a lifestyle less dependent on possession - and yet;

my pocket operator inspires me to make music in a way ableton or tidal never have
my x-t3 will never be replaced by the android i
compose my thoughts with.
- typed notes will never replace my stitch-bound journal

is this about ownership? independence? or just better ux?

purity ring and blame! feel so similar to me - a driven traversal of a world without hope

I've been writing rust, haskell (& by extension nix) lately. enjoy ocaml and sml - maybe these languages need better support for traditional web programming?

forth and j are great but they aren't /really/ general purpose

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send me recommendations for innovative general-purpose programming languages!

i'd love to contribute to an early ecosystem

browser is a visual interpreter; why not make it a toolbox of many such interpreters? providing a or #! for your desired application language in your code

i appreciate the expertise writing in c code requires and affords as well as its intimste relationship with the system, but by nature the language requires keeping so much context constantly in mind.

perhaps there is a middle ground or programming style i'm missing?

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