@jakeisnt seeing the combination of like extremely mediocre art next do these costs is really shocking to me

kept refreshing and the only one that was remotely appealing was like a second-rate takeshi murata ripoff

@dogstar don't know enough about contemporary art movements to feel I can fairly judge, but i get the sense that the venn diagram connecting those interested in cryptocurrency and those dedicated to their art looks like more than one circle

@jakeisnt tbh i am actually a big fan of conceptual art and was aware of some cryptocurrency-style art projects that were at least compelling even if i had serious reservations about them but uh so far this is definitely definitely not that

@dogstar agreed - the technology definitely could be used for some incredible visualizations or generative artworks especially given that most cryptocurrencies keep a public record of transactions

those involved with superrare in particular, though, are likely more concerned with the investment aspect of cryptocurrency than the ideas behind it

@jakeisnt definitely that! and the latent politics and properties of the involved systems have a lot of room for play/exploration/criticism

but if this is that it feels extremely cynical in a "marxists created buzzfeed" sort of way

@jakeisnt the entire existence of the thing being tracked is a wtf

deliberately trying to add ownership and scarcity to digital art? that you don't even commission?? but just speculate on????

@KitRedgrave @jakeisnt People who collect rare art in meatspace so only they get to look at it aren't much better tbh. I've had a conversation with a person like that, they had.... some odd ideas about the purpose of art. To them it's just a thing to own and show off to guests.

@grainloom @KitRedgrave i think that's fine - rich people can showboat culture in exchange for artists ideas, and many artists need money. it's okay for art to serve different purposes to different people; 'appreciation' is incredibly subjective.

we should take fault, however, when actions carry severe consequences for those not involved in the decision - the website demonstrates how outrageous the negative externalities of this particular brand of art collecting are.

@jakeisnt @KitRedgrave
Idk, when priceless old books or painting masterpieces are locked away so no one can study them, that's a net loss for humanity, and I don't support it.
Art commissioned by some rich weirdo to be locked away is another thing. That I'm "fine" with. I'm not a fan, but it's mostly harmless, unless it's just a money laundering tool.

@grainloom @KitRedgrave maybe it's pessimistic of me, but i hold that though knowledge should not be held as a luxury good, it's fine to do so for art. hiding a pretty picture from the world is fundamentally different from hiding, for example, knowledge of our own biology

@jakeisnt @KitRedgrave It's indeed different, but if someone buys a Csontvary painting then he is not getting paid, he has been dead for more than a century. There is no artist getting paid in that transaction.
I've seen some of his works up close twice and I think it'd be a shame to rob people from that experience. They really are amazing.
It may not be worth making such things illegal, but it's still morally repulsive to me. If you're rich and want to show off, commission something for the public that has your name on it. Ideally something the public actually wants (ask them what that is), but whatever.

@jakeisnt @KitRedgrave I should note that this is distinct from "getting a pretty painting for my wall". I'm talking about important pieces of art history.

@jakeisnt from the medium post, it seems the only source of the energy calculus is Alex de Vries, who is challenged by this other post :

it would be great to have other sources of information on that energy consumption

(from @Quasimondo )

but yeah ... it's not the only problem with that

@jakeisnt so actually some answer is to find in other place (birdsite) and we see Cambridge did some research on this too : https://www.cbeci.org/cbeci/methodology

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