finishing projects is so incredibly satisfying - especially ideas you've had for years.
i finally feel confident enough in my programming skills to bring things "to life"!

@jakeisnt I'm happy anyway but I'm trying to change this

Any tips?

@flaneur a lot of this for me was redefining what it means to be 'finished'. the approach i've started to take has been to use stable technologies to create tools that i will personally use and maintain for long periods of time; not so different from many others on Merveilles.

i consider projects finished when they're usable - a minimum viable product - but often i have many more ideas for them, and I'll implement those when i have time between periods of chasing after new projects.

@jakeisnt thank you! This is useful and resonates with me.

The [[agora]] is for me at its deepest just a simple enough platform that fits my mental models and allows me to scratch my own itches iteratively. But I think a lot of the "grand scheme of things" and sometimes that makes plans overpowering.

Focusing on more immediate deliverables usually feels better.

@jakeisnt wait, you're in [[merveilles]] and the [[agora]]! Intersection often yields convergence

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