why do you create? to automate? to please others? to express yourself? what's your end goal?

@jakeisnt great question!

For me, I seem to have an urge to contribute to something larger than myself - the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

This is obvious in contributing to free software, but it is also present in for example making music: not only is the whole band "greater than the sum of parts" (the individual musicians), but I'd like listeners to not only enjoy it, but be inspired to create more music themselves.

"To see if I can" or "to learn a new skill" too, though :)

@raboof really like the idea of focusing on inspiration as a key end goal - it's as noble an effort as teaching! interesting to consider how much good work is done to inspire greater effort down the line. generational cumulative knowledge is probably the best tool we've got for community or societal growth, and we definitely need heroes when traditional education doesn't do things justice

@raboof don't want to sound like I'm diminishing contributions to free software though - that can obviously be worthwhile regardless of impact beyond the piece of software

@jakeisnt sure! In fact I think they reinforce each other: I fix problems I run into so the next person won't have to see them, so they are more successful in acting on their inspiration. Surely they'll run into *different* problems - but it only takes a few people to also pick up the challenge and start contributing to create a cumulative effect.

@jakeisnt for me is a more egoistic goal to just satisfy my drive for exploration. Seeking wonder basically. But I also understand and deeply respect the people who create for the benefit of others. In my view the only things worth creating are the things which you'd be glad to see if someone else created them before you. In this cooperative mindset we improve all. The competitive mindset, as in "I hope I'll be the first to create that" I guess brings only destruction and misery.

@jakeisnt code, for instance, is something I started doing in order to learn things that I want comfortable with, do to speak. Now I do it, in addition to education, because it's fun and because I create things that I myself use. If others can use them as well - even better!

@hxii @jakeisnt that's my mood. I create things that I want to have or see in my life, and hope that others want them in theirs too.

@jakeisnt I like to look at a field and after knowing it sufficiently, ask myself : what doesn't exist yet, is feasible with my very limited time and skills and would be great if it actually existed ? Or something that already exists but scarcely : for example in tattoo art when I started I wanted to do thin lines and plentiful details, as I saw mostly thicker lines on the french scene. Something new is always what I want to do. Good, bad, that's not for me to decide, I can just do my best.

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