this isn't a dig at moderation here - i don't fully understand the difficulty of moderating a community but i realize it must be difficult. i've generally had a very positive experience here but it's time for me to spend more time in the real world for now : )

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i love working out disagreements in conversation. it's the best way to learn from the perspectives of others. strong opinions are great too! they're the best to learn from.

unfortunately, deciding to make assumptions and fire insults rather than asking for clarification and understanding other points of view will never leave room for a productive conversation.

i see this happen on merveilles and mastodon too often for using this website to be constructive for the time being.

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going to take a break from this community for awhile. it's tiring to be met with toxicity rather than constructive conversation.

@zens that's not at all what i said, and i still don't understand the animosity. i'm happy to help if you want it but otherwise this conversation is no longer productive

@zens vim has native support for things like workspaces, buffers and folder viewing; vim and emacs also exist as gui programs (emacs is primarily used as a gui program). exiting vim is just running a 'q' command via vim's command pallette. i agree that these things are unnecessarily difficult to configure and use, and they definitely do not align with most of the principles you linked in that thread - but they're popular for being programmable, and that same flexibility makes them harder to use

@zens sorry if i misinterpreted your post - please don't interpret my messages as malicious! perhaps your original post was a complaint rather than asking for help, but i genuinely wanted to help you put together a text editing setup you were happy with. i commented because you'd listed issues i felt i had solved with my text editing workflow and wanted to help you solve those as well!

@zens while i do think your hatred for a a computer program is irrational, i wasn't talking about vim in particular in the last toot, though i hadn't read your bio before sending the one before.

vscode and emacs both have plenty of plugins that offer different workflows to suit your needs and i would be happy to recommend some for the text editor of your choice.

@zens i still don't understand what's missing from the editors - i've found everything on your list available through plugins in various editors if not included in the editors themselves.

if you want a program that's pre-configured to meet every requirement you have, you might have a hard time finding that. if you'd like any help finding plugins or configuration options, though, i'd be happy to help!

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Let there be a little country without many people.
Let them have tools that do the work of ten or a hundred,
and never use them.
Let them be mindful of death
and disinclined to long journeys.
Instead of writing,
they might go back to using knotted cords.
They'd enjoy eating,
take pleasure in clothes,
be happy with their houses,
devoted to their customs.

- Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu
translated by LeGuin 💖

@zens other than the nebulous requirement for a better window/project management system, vim and vscodium setups ive used in the past seem to check all of these boxes (it took a bit of research snd plugin configuration to get there, though...) with emacs missing the mark not for lack of features but for poor performance across the board.

is your primary issue that you want a text editor to handle all of these things out of the box without user configuration?

@thomasorus these are all so cool thank you!! going to explore using something similar for my own site : )

@raboof don't want to sound like I'm diminishing contributions to free software though - that can obviously be worthwhile regardless of impact beyond the piece of software

@raboof really like the idea of focusing on inspiration as a key end goal - it's as noble an effort as teaching! interesting to consider how much good work is done to inspire greater effort down the line. generational cumulative knowledge is probably the best tool we've got for community or societal growth, and we definitely need heroes when traditional education doesn't do things justice

why do you create? to automate? to please others? to express yourself? what's your end goal?

i've been doubling down on all these small ideas that I've wanted to work on for awhile, but it just doesn't feel satisfying - what long-term projects can we take on to truly make an impact?

@liaizon wondering how feasible it would be to port matrix features back to activitypub - it seems plausible!

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Hi, I'm looking for a floss keyboard app on android that supports swyping
I'm tired of the (not floss) app I'm currently using, but i can't find anything in floss

@flaneur a lot of this for me was redefining what it means to be 'finished'. the approach i've started to take has been to use stable technologies to create tools that i will personally use and maintain for long periods of time; not so different from many others on Merveilles.

i consider projects finished when they're usable - a minimum viable product - but often i have many more ideas for them, and I'll implement those when i have time between periods of chasing after new projects.

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