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Had to debug a crazy x11 configuration error... Wayland has been much kinder. I'd forgotten how sprawling of a system x was until this intricate combination of environment variables threw my config off.

unfortunately, work requires pair programming, pair programming requires screensharing, and screensharing (practically) requires x. (yes, I have screen sharing functional on Wayland, but with my high dpi screens I get terrible performance and visual artifacting...)

this site has fascinated me for a long time, and it's one of the reasons i got into computing - to explore creativity. unfortunately, the creator has since delved down the crypto art rabbit hole, so i no longer feel comfortable supporting them, but taken in isolation it's beautiful

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is anyone familiar with recommendation engines like ? if you're aware of anything similar please send it over !

i've opted to remove a previous post made about living in the first world that was terribly phrased and ultimately misconstrued as gloating about being on the right side of colonizer genocide.

my sincerest apologies to anyone that my words may have offended - i won't be commenting on topics i'm not well-informed of in the future, particularly those directly impacting the lives and well-being of others.

oom killer ate my server today... lamenting fork() again.

think i spoiled myself with all the good anime first

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It just occurred to me that since the person I live with 100% of the time is myself, I should treat myself with the same respect I show to others, and maybe even a little more.

do you think in a particular language? ( provides basic context)

it might be delusional to feel like 21 is too old, but i can't escape the feeling that life is passing me by

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don't trust data to be always available.

scrape it. now.

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oh my god

“TabFS is a browser extension that mounts your browser tabs as a filesystem on your computer.”

“Now you don't need to code up a browser extension from scratch every time you want to do anything. You can write a script that talks to your browser in, like, a melange of Python and bash, and you can save it as a single ordinary file that you can run whenever, and it's no different from scripting any other part of your computer.”

nix, home server work 

@jakeisnt ah, if anyone wants to check it out, my system configuration is here:

i'm not a fan of supporting github but nix/os development is (for the moment) so tightly coupled to the service that i feel i can't abandon it yet

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nix, home server work 

good day today : )
set up a personal mail server with nixos to abandon google!
cached all of my package builds as a CI action so i don't have to recompile on my local systems
learned a ton about the nix ecosystem

this has given me so many more ideas for where to go from here. i think i'm going to setup and self-host sourcehut and matrix synapse services as well!

any recommendations for free software email clients?

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