I love Blade Runner game so much, but I had no idea how insane the tech was (this is 1997)


For the curious: I looked at Mike Acton's concurrency slides (cellperformance.beyond3d.com/a) and implemented several versions of Increment Problem and River Crossing Problem. Some good resources: Game Engine Architecture book, Abrash's Black Book (for free at jagregory.com/abrash-black-boo), Intel Intrinsics Guide (software.intel.com/sites/landi), of course godbolt.org/ for disassemblies

I spent the last few days practicing concurrency and optimization in C++, reading disassemblies and digging a bit into SIMD. After years of Java, going low level feels like the right direction.

My 15 minute live-coding attempt at Processing Community Day Amsterdam yesterday.

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i'm back on mastodon, as twitter remains overwhelming and mostly terrible for my brain. massive thanks to merveilles for having me!

Made some progress on my time tracker. Today I implemented two features: notifications to take breaks ala pomodoro, and idle detection with an option to log the idle time as a new entry. Next up: actually saving the logs, interface for displaying and editing entries.

36 - The Infinity Room


“What is just one room (my studio) becomes many rooms when working on music.”

“Each track used the same core sounds, but evolves and mutates them in subtle ways, as well as being the direct inspiration for the track that came after.”

Before going to bed I like to put things back in their places and tidy up a bit. What are some of your evening rituals or habits?

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@neauoire Thanks for the shout-out on twitter! :)

Did the code end up being useful? (A stepping stone?)

I've read a tweet or toot ~14 hours ago and I can't find it. It said something like this:

The topic of your talk should be what you've learned in the past year and the advice you would give youself one year ago.

If you have a link I would be grateful :)

@_discovery Hey, would you mind sharing which features of C++11 or later you are using in Luxe or find reasonable? I'm trying to update my C++ skills for games/realtime rendering and can't decide which features are worthwhile.

My plan for 2019:
- less perfection
- more experimentation
- document everything
- get comfortable sharing WIP

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