Hello Stockholm :xoka:

Taking a break from work for a week. How is everyone today?

Let this day be remembered as the Kapsalon Day.

Third day in my new studio – I'm more organized, productive, relaxed, I sleep better... I know people working from their living rooms, but after half a year without a studio I can safely say it's not for me.

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Dear neighbors,

If you don't know it already, take a look at (and bookmark) :

It's full of treasures.

"Monoskop Log is a digital library of arts and humanities. It features artists’ books, catalogues, fiction, poetry, video and sound next to critical, analytical and historical writings on arts and culture."

Going to sign the studio contract tomorrow. I will be looking at this water tower turned into a house from my desk. Not a bad view :)

Getting myself some studio space soon. Should help with separating work time from free time, maintaining more solid daily rhythm, and being around fellow artists and devs :)

I took a small break from social media, focusing more on myself and my work. I should be getting more active online again.

I dug out some magic from my music collection

Sword & Sworcery: Moon Grotto by scntfc


Good evening everyone; it's been a while :xoka:

James Heather – Ruqia (from Stories From Far Away On Piano)


The whole album is so beautiful, calming, and somehow optimistic and hopeful, for those moments when you feel a bit down and need a boost

I love Blade Runner game so much, but I had no idea how insane the tech was (this is 1997)


For the curious: I looked at Mike Acton's concurrency slides (cellperformance.beyond3d.com/a) and implemented several versions of Increment Problem and River Crossing Problem. Some good resources: Game Engine Architecture book, Abrash's Black Book (for free at jagregory.com/abrash-black-boo), Intel Intrinsics Guide (software.intel.com/sites/landi), of course godbolt.org/ for disassemblies

I spent the last few days practicing concurrency and optimization in C++, reading disassemblies and digging a bit into SIMD. After years of Java, going low level feels like the right direction.

My 15 minute live-coding attempt at Processing Community Day Amsterdam yesterday.

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i'm back on mastodon, as twitter remains overwhelming and mostly terrible for my brain. massive thanks to merveilles for having me!

Made some progress on my time tracker. Today I implemented two features: notifications to take breaks ala pomodoro, and idle detection with an option to log the idle time as a new entry. Next up: actually saving the logs, interface for displaying and editing entries.

36 - The Infinity Room


“What is just one room (my studio) becomes many rooms when working on music.”

“Each track used the same core sounds, but evolves and mutates them in subtle ways, as well as being the direct inspiration for the track that came after.”

Before going to bed I like to put things back in their places and tidy up a bit. What are some of your evening rituals or habits?

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