Hi friends, I've been working on a Basis Universal texture format decoder in Rust, in order to learn more about compresison, optimization and textures. I'm writing a simple log in the readme so you can follow my progress if you'd like.


I'm in Amsterdam for a Clams Casino show with my visuals tonight at Melkweg. I don't have any plans for tomorrow morning yet and I'm planning to see Weathering With You in the afternoon tomorrow. Message me if you'd like to meet/join :)

My Famicase Exhibition 2020 submissions start in two weeks, limited to 250 pieces total, so submit early! famicase.com/ent.html

There is a Daily Notes page, which serves as a timeline. Each day you get a new note with the currect date created for you. You can write everything in there, this way you get a daily log of thoughts and activities, but the content also appears on the linked pages.

It's super fluid, which is great for research. You can do a fulltext search, turn the word or phrase into a new page, and start refining content from the references into the page itself, almost effortlessly.

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I started using Roam Research roamresearch.com to write notes, log things, and organize knowledge.

Here are some things I like the most:

Everything is based on bidirectional links. Text you put in double brackets becomes a [[Link]]. If the page did not exist before, it now does, and this paragraph now also appears there. You don't need to "manage" anything, it happens as you type.

I reverse engineered a DLL and it was a lot of fun. I could spend the whole weekend on it. I like uncovering dark secrets 😈

Time to power through some shit code. Bliss Signal is exactly the fuel I need


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Using a library with:

I'm working on my first Rust crate - it's a radix sort. The benchmarks look really good, it's quite a beast tbh. I'm pretty excited!

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@jakub One that I've been enjoying recently is Craig Mod's "Ridgelines", which is about walking: craigmod.com/ridgeline/

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@jakub daniel benneworth-gray's design newsletter 'Meanwhile' has been solid: danielgray.com/newsletter — would love to hear more recommendations as well, i love the format

I subscribed to a few newsletters recently. I was a bit sceptical at first, but it's growing on me. What are your favourite newsletters I should be reading?

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