I spent the last few days practicing concurrency and optimization in C++, reading disassemblies and digging a bit into SIMD. After years of Java, going low level feels like the right direction.


For the curious: I looked at Mike Acton's concurrency slides (cellperformance.beyond3d.com/a) and implemented several versions of Increment Problem and River Crossing Problem. Some good resources: Game Engine Architecture book, Abrash's Black Book (for free at jagregory.com/abrash-black-boo), Intel Intrinsics Guide (software.intel.com/sites/landi), of course godbolt.org/ for disassemblies

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@jakub for SIMD: i wrote my own, but when i will have time i think i will use this instead--->

@npisanti For now I want to play with it directly, but if I need a wrapper I will try xsimd :)

@jakub good idea! i really need a wrapper as i run things on both linux64 and ARM (and occasionally all the other platforms)

@jakub also if haven't, you should check out the "Effective C++" books ( I should really get a copy of the "Effective Modern C++", I feel like a bad student )

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