Good evening everyone! :xoka:

I've been away for a while. I got a chance to work on visuals for Clams Casino. The result is eleven videos, one for each track of the new album. You can watch the whole thing on YouTube:


Visuals are based on models and point clouds calculated through photogrammetry. We were planning to record our own footage with a drone, but it crashed and got lost, so instead I used either stock footage or recorded some videos on a beach with my phone. Source videos were processed with Meshroom, which is a really nice open source software for photogrammetry. You can customize the pipeline through a node-based interface and access intermediary results, which provided a lot of flexibility.

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I loaded the models and point clouds into a custom software based on Processing, where I created all the effects, camera paths, animations, and cuts, and rendered the frames. These went to an editor for coloring and video export.

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I will probably write something more detailed about this project later, but if you would like to know more right now please ask away!

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@jakub nice details, the project was full of surprises ! Thanks for the refs, I'll dig meshroom and your eventual future post.

A question for the musicians, how did they worked ? It seems there's a granular synth (or an octatrack ^^) in their instruments

@0gust1 Thanks. I didn't talk with Clams personally, I got the finished album in September with a request to make visuals for it. There are interviews with him on Fader, Vice and Dazed, but they don't go into much technical detail, mostly high level process and inspirations.

@jakub Wonderful work Jakub! Mesmerizing and elegant... great stuff.

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