Hello Stockholm :xoka:

Taking a break from work for a week. How is everyone today?

Going to sign the studio contract tomorrow. I will be looking at this water tower turned into a house from my desk. Not a bad view :)

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My 15 minute live-coding attempt at Processing Community Day Amsterdam yesterday.

To follow up on this Shopping x Kubrick thread, here is a study I made for one of my projects. It's the whole 2001: Space Odyssey in 24 seconds – notice the circles everywhere and the mostly static camera. This idea later turned into 65" touchscreen installation with sound, but more about that some other time :)

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I had fun with the LED wall yesterday. The 4:1 aspect ratio and the brightness was insane <3

Happy New Year!

I used some color yesterday and I quite liked it... it's accumulated movie frames of Kubrick's Odyssey, running realtime. First I run two pixelsort passes on the frame (one vertical, one horizontal), then I add it to or subtract it from the accumulation buffer to keep the overall brightness more or less constant.

On the 1st January I will be taking over this 12 by 3 meter LED wall for a six hour set with Guy J on the decks. I'm excited but also quite worried, it's been a while (2.5 years?!) since my last live VJ set.

Baroque sculptures from 1718-19 by Matthias Bernard Braun

In order: Religion, Hope, Wisdom, Chastity. From a series of 12 virtues, 12 vices, and three angels at Kuks Hospital.

I'm visiting my hometown. I often miss the days when we used to backpack around these hills with my friends.

This is a 2d variant, timesteps of this CA are stacked onto each other to form the cube

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