Thinking about that time I did a bit of reading into why the alphabet was in the order it is and it turned out A comes first because of cows and Z comes last because of Roman hubris.

Reading about how to design a typeface in FontForge.

So thats a thing now.

You know what’s frustrating?

All the things you learned that worked for settling, feeding, caring for your first baby are almost totally not applicable to the second.

It feels rude of this baby to just reject our tried and tested parenting techniques.

(Not an actual request for parenting advice)

Just written a little parser for a line based database format I am going to be using for my static site gen.

Smol Parser is smol.

Was looking at the micro fiction games jam website earlier thinking if I would have time to run it again this year. Honestly I think this is one of the best games I made.


Boggle as a ttrpg.

Each player has their own boggle in front of them.

Each round of action everyone shakes their boggle.

You can take any actions that you can spell with your boggle. You can take multiple actions but only use each letter once.

Game design!

First day back at work and this was on my desk. It’s beautiful and lovely and I cannot wait to play this.

There is a beach combing mini game!

There’s a game jam running where you make an adventure for an existing ttrpg where the title of the adventure is given you by a random name generator.

Looks like I am writing this.

I was just looking out the window and saw a cat chase a squirrel through an open window into next doors front room.

That rooms going to be a mess.

It was a ballsy move for the first episode of Columbo to not have Columbo appear until nearly 20 minutes into it.

There must be a sweet spot for this moss not too close to the top of the tree to get enough sun to dry it but not so far down that it is shielded from the water where it has maximum chance of sexual reproduction.

My hypothesis anyway. Not tested but observed.

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My hypothesis is that being higher up the tree gives you greater access to more water than lower down on the trunk.

Moss needs water to reproduce sexually so the more water the better.

Also being on a horizontal branch may be preferable for water retention due to gravity pulling the water down a vertical incline on a trunk.

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And then further along I found another patch on a higher still branch.

This was as shady as the previous one but was higher up in the tree. It was also producing many more sporophytes.

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So I skipped to the next tree over and found some more of the first moss but higher off the ground, on a branch maybe about 2ft or so up. Much shadier too.

This was the same moss as the first but there were a few sporophytes in places.

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On the other side of the trunk however was this small patch of a second type of moss.

Same height, same shade but producing sporophytes.

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So we went walking in the woods today and we stopped and looked at this moss that was covering the bottom 10 inches or so of the trunk of a tree.

No sporophytes visible at all.

I can only assume this whole clump reproduced asexually through division.

Taking the eldest out for a walk to give Mum a rest. I am so lucky to have this on our doorstep.

Watching Number Blocks is giving me a crisis.

If two 1 blocks, each with their own memories, combine to form a 2 what happens to their memories and personality go? Where do the ones for the newly created 2 come from?

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