Ho to make the chutney i made yesterday.


Chutney tiem!

500g green tomatoes
500g red onion
250g muscavardo sugar
150g sultanas
2 cloves garlic
Chilli flakes
White wine vinegar.

Sacking off doing things I should be doing to watch Ponyo with the kid.

The refills for my brush pen are not due to arrive until the 1st. This isn’t optimal for my output.

Ok I had a few moments so did the big push of all the things. It is working on my computer in my limited testing.


Quite a few features missing but its a start.

If you get a bug with read not knowing the -L flag then it’s using your system read not the builtin. I need to find a way to fix that.

Copy files into .config/fish/functions and run jimini

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Nearly have a working bookmark system on my local copy.

If I finish it tonight after work ill do a big push of all the new stuff.

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I knew the hundred rabbits gemini site had some ascii art on it to test if my fish client was rendering properly. Looks like it is!

Full interactive client coming soon.

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Art of UNIX prog’ and orthogonal design. 

If orthogonal design is to do one thing well then the screwdriver meets that brief at least.

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Art of UNIX prog’ and orthogonal design. 

Thinking about orthogonality and side effects.

Is using a screwdriver to open a paint tin an example of an orthogonal design having side effects?

It wasn’t designed to open paint tins but using it to do so wont affect it’s original purpose.

The only way I could come up with to preserve the white space at the start of a string while passing it into a function in fish it to write the string to a file and then read it back in the function.

This is messy but will have to do for now or pages won’t display properly.

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Works on Manjaro anyway. Just tried it on mint and the systems read program is getting in the way of the fish shells built in read function.

Bit annoying because specifying the builtin command causes an error.


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Little gemini client written in fish now follows a redirect! Still need to handle a relative link but whatever, its a start.

Turns out it might be possible to write a "browser" in fish after all.

Also need to write a whole script to resolve a relative URL. At the moment I am just plonking the relative link of a redirect on the end of the requested URL which is wrong and lazy.

Anyone already written a script for that by chance?

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One thing that is annoying is that passing a string to a function will remove all of the leading whitespace. Makes parsing a gemfile clunky and difficult.

Any ideas?

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I actually quite like writing fish scripts. Its got some nice features.
Particularly like using wildcards on strings in a switch.

And although its weird to get used to arrays starting at 1 and ending at -1 is wild.

Keeping notes on things i want to remember here:


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i did a game for a magazine. 

I made a map drawing and story telling game called A Wood Heart for an indie games magazine. It’s about spirits living in a forest where humans have just begun to settle.

It has been called “a subtle and powerful climate commentary”


Ok so here we are so far with a prototype Gemini client written in fish, Lots to do now.


Got a script written for fish shell grabbing making a Gemini request, getting the results and then printing the output with the links all coloured blue.

Nice proof of concept.

Finish off the parsing of gemtext files first and them move onto the more complex things I think.

Ok use ncat (part of nmap) instead:

echo -e “gemini://gemini.conman.org\r\n\r\n” | ncat —ssl gemini.conman.org > file.txt

Tidily gets the whole thing into a file!

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