I wish I could get my hands on a copy of Radical Mycology. It sounds interesting.

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Finished reading Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake.

What a great book, never really thought about fungi much before but had a vague idea they were doing more than I knew. This book really opened the world of fungi up to me and it’s something I am absolutely going to have to read more about in the future!

Absolutely do recommend.

Ok, starting work on my own wiki generator so I can start collecting notes in an sensible way online.

So far it is reading a header from files that will hold content tags and then reading the rest of the content from the file.

Going to group notes with tags and have a page for each tag with all the links in. then a page will all the tags and links in.

I have stolen idea of the return value of a function on it's own line and I like it.

I just turned on the fedora machine at work again and before booting up I was forced to sit through an update install.

I felt like I was using Windows again.

Me: I must start using perror instead of printf.

Also me: if (!fp) printf(“bork”);

Ok, one of these slices of lime thinks it’s a slice of lemon.

As professionalism is mostly just gatekeeping I decree that programming drop the pro and adopt a co to make co-gramming.

The co can stand for cooperative to represent the strength of working together.

I really feel like this wants to be it’s own os though but I have no idea where to start with that. Even with working in a vm or writing my own vm.

I’ll settle for a slightly useless slightly esoteric shell.

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Ok, I am basically going to create a live you environment that can edit itself on the fly. Then I am going to slot a useful shell into it and see what happens.

All built off ncurses in C I think.

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$ $x:y

Read input from location x y and “copy” it here. Allows you to kind of implement variables.

Say the text “blue” were at 10:10

$ $10:10 > x y

Would set location x y to blue.

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You can cursor around the screen at random and type wherever you want.

Interpretation begins at the cursor until either the edge of the window is hit or an end is found.

The cursor can be moved with:

$ mc x y

You could in theory write a whole load of self modifying code that draws patterns to the screen and matches the text colour to the cell background so it won’t be seen.

Game in a script.

It’s a rank but wonderful idea.

Wondawful if you will.

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proposed syntax maybe?

$ echo "Hello world!" > x y
prints the string hello world starting at location

$ blue
set the current cell background to blue

$ blue > x y
set the background of cell x y blue

$ blue > char
Set current char blue

$ blue > char > x y
Set the char at x y blue

$ blue > text
Set all text blue.

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I have gone from "Write my own shell" to "Shell should be able to write to any location in terminal with a colour to allow easy 'graphics programming" to "This should be it's own os"

I must reject this idea but the idea of a shell where you can just "set x y blue" to set the background colour of that space on the screen is interesting.

It produced so many lovely bright red apples too. You aren’t just cutting down a home for birds and insects, your removing a food source too.

And then you’re going to just carpet over it with plastic grass to make sure that everything else dies too.

I’m fucking fuming.

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I mean, it’s too late for me to even kick up a fuss and save the tree, it’s already down.

I hope the Lorax strikes him with lightning or something.

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I heard my neighbours talking about having astroturf as a lawn earlier and right now he is cutting down the apple tree in his garden that looks like it’s almost as old as the house.

What an absolute twat.

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