I know we say “everything is a file” in unix, but what if everything is actually a file?

Not separate files, one big file. Each line of the giant file is a different thing.

1. Current cursor location in file.
2. Current key press.
3. TX of serial port.
4. RX of serial port.

I keep coming back to the idea of creating my own os that is a game.

Maybe get used to making a cup of couscous in the morning and adding things like sprouted beans and spices. Plus a bit of fruit.

Can you even eat sprouted beans raw?

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I think I need to sort out healthy lunches first, salads or something. Problem is I only ever get a couple of minutes a day to prepare lunch.

It has to be realistic that I can either make bits after a long work day while simultaneously cooking the evening meal and playing with a 3yo; or make the whole thing in a couple of minutes before I go out the door.

I know you should ideally prep a weeks worth in advance and store in a fridge but I don’t have the space for that right now.

I am getting a bit over weight and am getting more and more tired. I have no idea how to break this cycle at the moment though.

And yes, I know, diet and exercise. I’m just not in that place now I don’t think.

I’m watching the football with my wife. This is the longest I have ever sat watching a game, I really don’t get it. My wife is the same with cricket, we have no sports overlap.

My wife looked at me weird when someone got hit by the ball and looked like they had been mortally wounded and I said “oh come on, it’s only a football; try being hit in the ribs by a fast bowler.”

Here is the creeping stone crop in full bloom. This stuff provides loads of seeds for birds once it’s done.

Pasted some of my writing into a thing for fun and... ok... really?

You can now hear the interview I did and try and make sense of my rambling.

There’s some slightly jarring edits to get rid bits where I got distracted and ums and errs.

Also you can marvel at how much I have the voice of a very old man.


We dine well tonight!

Fresh humus with a little olive oil, sumac and zhoug.

A rare photo of me. Even rarer is that my wife caught me hard at work on some upcoming project.

All the kids at nursery all go to make the same Father’s Day card, each with a little st.’ George’s cross with a football in one corner, the Englad football thingy in the other and “it’s coming home” written across it.

Now I know for a fact one of the other Dads hates football as much as I do and one of the others really like is but is Scottish!

Cartesian plains is shaping up to be over 50 pages. I am not even half way through the plains themselves yet and still have to add some tables for random events and stuff.

This book will be pocket sized, but thick. It will also be very abstract.

This is so much in keeping with the Equa! ethos of giving people the tools to play a game but not the method.

I also love how this feels like a puzzle book. Pop it in your pocket and solve a few rooms when you get a moment.

Is humus with zhoug too much for a breakfast food?

We shall see.

There are thousands of fancy soil moisture sensors. All of the plastic or electric. None as good as eyes, fingers, and now bamboo.

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This little bamboo poker came with a label on for a potted plant. I now use it to check if soil is dry in the pots.

It’s the same as checking if a cake is done, but you linger a bit. You push it into the soil and wait a few minutes, when you remove it if it has soil on then the soil is still wet.

Picked out a book of Spike Milligan’s children’s poems off the shelf at my parents thinking I might read them to my kid.

Hell no, some of that is flat out unacceptable.

I’m not saying I’m cancelling Spike, but I am.

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