This Equa! book is starting to look like a book of poetry. I am happy with how this is looking.

Me: that plant has been spreading for a few years and has never produced a seed head or flower. It must therefore be a fern, the stem it too woody for it to be a moss.

I was correct, it is a fern. Common horsetail.

Produces a non photosynthetic stem in the spring that spreads spores, then the green bit grows to store energy for next spring.

Shame they picked it really, they are nice. But now they know what it is.

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3yo picked a flower and bought it to me asking “Daddy, what flower is this?”

It was a Peach Leaved Bellflower.

My parents have 2 apple trees, which is a small orchard. Might start Wassailling in my parents garden.

Ok, turns out that growing succulents in sphagnum is pretty common and you should water log the moss regularly.

Apparently it allows the succulents to access the water they need but avoid root rot.

This sphagnum looks pretty dry so I’ll water it and then get a mister.

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I got some new plant friends and now I realise I don’t really know what to do about caring for them.

The moss obviously wants regular misting.

The succulents however want to be dried and then soaked.

Will misting over water the succulents? Will letting it dry kill the moss?

The jeopardy of this bowl of plants is unbelievable.

Also, I was meant to get food but got this instead.

First draft of a small solo meditative larp for many beings.

Refine tomorrow, layout shortly.

My home life has a strong routine but internally I feel like absolute chaos and flit from thing to thing too easily.

I just went blank on nearly everything, which is fun. I’m going to sound like a right nugget.

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Laid awake all night thinking about thinking about things I should have said in the interview instead of what I did.

Like when asked about software I said “I dunno, smaller software, make your own tools” instead of my usual spiel about not software as a service and abandoning google/ Microsoft/ Adobe.

When asked about sustainability I just said “don’t drop rubbish in the woods and keep your dog on the lead when the ground nesting birds are hatching”. As if that’s going to solve everything.

I can’t help feeling like that interview was a train wreck where I rambled on incoherently about nothing in particular.

Very on brand.

“Though you might like this”

Apparently I am the kind of person people just bring house plants to randomly now.

Im doing an interview on a podcast tomorrow (a first for me) and I’m both excited to talk about my games and terrified because I have no idea what I am doing and am actually a bit boring.

Also nobody is probably going to understand my broad accent.

It is really early and I just shocked myself looking in the mirror because for a moment I forgot the beard was gone.

Shaved my beard off because I forgot what I looked like.

Making the choice between the full commands in the text and the shortened commands.

The full command take up more page space so I feel look a bit better.

The short commands feel a bit more thematic but don't look as nice.


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