Now that I see that physical copies of Cy-Brg are actually arriving I will finally be able to read it; because that PDF is trash t read.

Wish they sent out a plain text version with the digital files.

Oh heck, its drawtober coming up and I havent made any plans for what to do at all.

Maybe ill draw a moss every day or something.

It’s Friday, which means curry night. This means I make Madras.

Me: *chopity chopity*

Eldest: “Daddy, will it be too spicy?”

Me: “Nope, I’m not putting a lot of chilli in, just a little.”

Eldest: “I want more chilli please.”

Mum: “No, that’s enough.”

Eldest: “No, more chilli.”

Me: “The little mites boss, more chilli it is!”

If anyone knows of a good explainer on the plan9 source then now would be a handy time.

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Why am I browsing the plan9 code base though?

I actually don't know at this point but I am very interested in it.

Eldest “daddy, if I spill squash on something it goes pink”

Me “yes”

Eldest “water doesn’t have a colour”

Me “no”

Eldest “why does it make things darker when I spill water then?”

Me “…”

Eldest “daddy?”

Me “…”

Eldest “daddy!”

Me: “cos it wet”

You know what, for somewhere that has a forest school and talks about conservation and environment the school certainly has a lot of astroturfing around it.

I don’t want to call bullshit, but.

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Our eldest has forest school today and wants to take the loupe so they can look at mosses.

Good morning, I have a big pot of Assam on the ready.

*pours cup*

I am now thinking about minimalist games and how they intersect with abstract games.

Draughts - abstract and minimalist

Thomas Was Alone - abstract not minimalist.

Limbo - neither.

Someone is running a minimalist game jam, which is great but it’s minimalist in aesthetic only.

Its basically the text only game jam, as it just limits you to certain styles.

Pathfinder presented as text is still not a minimalist game.

Six holes done in one lintel. 3 more lintels to drill.

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Our new neighbour gave us 2 jars of homemade plum jam and it’s the best thing I ever ate.

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