It has been bought to my attention that everyone I know who eats them prepares a grapefruit slightly differently.

I for instance cut the skin off and pop the segments out with a knife.

My parents just slice it into wedges and bite the flesh off the skin.

A guy at work uses a special grapefruit spoon, and his mother a grapefruit knife.

How do you prepare yours?

I spent quite a bit of time this afternoon sitting in this ancient oak with the 3yo.

We identified a moss, saw 3 types of butterflies, saw a deer and I told stories about trees are magical and have secret names that they will only tell to people they trust the most; so you must never give a tree a name, because it’s rude to the tree.

We gathered some cornflowers on the way home for mummy, but they ended up in a puddle.

Good times.

I often forget how lucky I am that this is a couple of minutes walk from my front door. I will miss this when we move.

I haven’t seen anyone else all morning.

I have been made aware that in the new Peter Rabbit film you can see a rabbit holding a boom mic in the reflection of a bowl and not only is this one if the most meta things ever, it’s a great example of environmental world building.

OK, had a think. Starting over on my site generator again. Bit of early morning C before the kid wakes up.

I have mostly been listening to this week:

The Meters.
The Incredible Bongo Band.
Mr Scruff.
Augustus Pablo.

I can not seem to source Dawnsonia in the UK so thats a no :(

However, reading up on how it technically has a vascular system but no xylem or pholem.

This is odd for a moss because, as we know, mosses are non vascular.

There have only ever been a hand full of perfect albums recorded, and they were all made by Funkadelic.

So here is the idea now.

lizzard - A little cli tool that parses files in my own lizard syntax into html.

tiffey - Takes an output file name and a contents string as input and created the static page in the output file.

A shell script to tie the two together.

I am questioning if the tiffey part really need to exist or if I should just do that in shell script.

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rewriting my static site generator again to make it more modular.

Me: the aloe died, what should we replace it with?

Wife: whatever you like darling.

Now I’m wondering if you can keep Dawnsonia as a house plant. I quite like the idea of having the world’s largest moss in the house.

I an going to write a book, a fiction, and print one copy. I am then going to place that single copy on a shelf in the fiction section at my local library.

I find myself drawn to projects that provide very little real practical purpose.

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The amount of times I have created something, or started to, and the main thing people have asked is “whats the point?”.

The truth is, there usually isn’t a point. I am mostly creating for my own amusement or interest.

I have touched on this before I think. My usual response is to shrug and say “why not”.

Because a project isn’t ‘useful’ or can’t be monetised it’s considered pointless. But to me it’s still fun and worthwhile.

Is this my inner absurdist coming out in my works?

I have never read or played Fate. I really should read it as it sounds like a system that’s right up my street.

A few years ago my wife asked me what I thought the point in life was and I said something along the lines of “there’s not one, the universe is cold and doesn’t care, but looking for non existent meaning is a fine way to pass your time”.

And only now I find out about absurdism and apparently I’m an absurdist. 🤷🏻‍♂️

I am still not sure providing a full kernel that provides a metaphor such as everything being a file has a huge amount of relevance on uxn though.

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As an extra thought:

The memory manager is also going to have to be in charge of swapping what the vectors point at between applications.

It’s not much use swapping from a text editor to something else and back if the memory manager doesn’t also swap the vectors in and out for each application lifecycle.

Maybe it does have to act a bit more like a traditional kernel than original intended.

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In return the host system gives not a hoot about how the uxn processor deals with it’s useable memory locations.

Anyhow, you see where about I am right now.

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This is all very rough. I really don’t see the need for the traditional bootloader/ kernel implementation here though.

There is an argument to be made that the memory manager is a kernel, but really it’s only half a kernel living in user space. It cares nothing for peripherals at all, leaving all of that up to the host system.

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