It is a constant source of annoyance to me that I struggle so hard to learn other languages. I am an English only speaker and want to learn, it’s just I don’t know if I am wired that way.

Tried learning several but they never stick, or in fact go in at all.

Even toki pona isn’t going in that well. I just can’t understand the sentence structure at all and every time I learn a new word another drops out.

I am married to an English teacher and I can still barely wield my native language.


I pick up programming languages no problem though, thats odd. Maybe they are just more logical or something.

Going to keep ploughing on with toki though to see if it goes in eventually.


i too have found learning toki pona difficult, but (diffrent from your experience[s]) other languages much easier to learn/improve (spanish, esperanto, ...)

it requires a lot of thinking (especially when starting) to put those few words in the appropriate places to express the intended meaning (like each utterance is the solution to a language puzzle).

i think this is the appeal. the speaker is forced to consider their thoughts, discarding the ephemeral ...


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