The new DnD book is being praised because its too complex and hard for even the most experienced DM to follow.

Sounds more like shitty design to me.


Honestly I just don’t understand how a book being too difficult to run is good.

Is this just gatekeeping by “elite” gamers?

@jameschip I think on some level, when you're used to X and get a more complex version of X, then it feels like a pleasant challenge - and way less scary than, say, looking at Y.

The reason I say this is that I find a lot of D&D players refuse to look at other games for one reason or another. It doesn't have to be actual gatekeeping as much as the above.

@jameschip "Want to show you're a *real* DM worth your d20 by running RotFM? Buy our companion guide, only $19.99!"

@draft13 rime of the frostmaiden.

To be fair the book might be ok, im sure the art is excellent. It just seems an odd sell.

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