Sometimes I think developers come from one of two mindsets.

Explorers who want to do something like develop your own kernel because it’s interesting.

And people who think that doing something like developing your own kernel is an waste of time because it won’t ever be widely adopted.

The former seem to want to make things for the fun of it. The former are only interested in being productive, whatever that means.

Maybe wrong, but it feels that way sometimes.


I say this because when I talk about my personal projects, say building my own static site generator, responses fall into these two broad categories.

“Cool how does it work?”
“I thought about doing that once!”


“That seems like a waste of time, just use Hugo”
“You’ll never get many users, there’s too much competition”

@jameschip sometimes I find myself switching back and forth between the two.

@jameschip time is an important factor, too. Building a website with hugo takes much less time than building your own static site generator.

@flo oh I dunno about that. I struggled with Hugo trying to get it to do what I wanted and look how I wanted for about a month before I gave up and rolled my own generator in a few of days.


This looks *really* interesting, but I could not get it to make on Debian. Got these errors:

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

@RussSharek debian ships with an older version of the compiler than i have so it might not have filesystem in the std libs.

You could try adding -lstdc++fs in the makefile where its doing the linking or changing to c++19 from 17.


Debian being crusty in between releases is the one thing I find incredibly frustrating about the distro.

Sadly, neither fix you suggested worked, so I'm stumped as to what to try next.

I appreciate the help, and the info.

@RussSharek sorry I couldn’t get it working for you. I might do a binary release at some point but I have a few bugs to fix before that.


I would enjoy that greatly.

Out of curiosity, what distro are you building on?

@jameschip I'm using HUgo for my webpage and I'm using a (modified) website theme.

If I had to create an own generator I would have to create an own template, too.

I had to choose between using time for the technical details and using time for creating content for the blog. (I choose the latter)

You don't have invent the wheel twice :)

I've looked at your code but c++ isn't really my language 🙈

@flo you absolutely don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I think hugo and Jekyl were not the tools for the website I wanted to make. Not easily anyhow.

I still maintain that tools like hugo are needlessly complex and bloated for something that is just creating text files but that’s a whole different can of worms. They do what they do and do it well or people wouldn’t use them.

@flo I don’t mean that to be a criticism of sites made with those tools by the way, the resulting sites are great.

@jameschip yeah big same! funny thing how so many people love and uses Hugo while most of it's basic functions can be easily done in good old bash

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