I need to start taking more notes on things I am reading about but am absolutely ignorant as to how. I am, as i have been told throughout my life, not academic in the slightest.

I read quite a bit and it kind if goes in but I feel like I need a decent quick note taking method to help stuff stick because a while that information just leaves my head.

Any advice?

@jameschip Annotation is good place to start, and it's a habit that has stuck for me. I use to annotate pdfs and everything I read on the web. These get fed to where I review them daily and edit.

It's not as comprehensive as having wiki pages for everything but it has helped me a lot with retention

@jameschip while I was at university reading through a bunch of different texts I found that the Cornell Method of note taking was great for recording and retaining key data

@jameschip roam (and org-roam) is the new hotness at the moment, but I haven't tried it yet. I usually take hand written notes in cheap Muji notebooks.

@jameschip For books especially, I "work" with the book. Meaning add marks, write thoughts on the side, underline important stuff, add some sticky notes (and label them) and so on.

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