The longer I work in IT the more I want to distance myself from IT and go into... trees.

@jameschip I went into root vegetables and dye plants, and would still be doing it if there was enough money in it to survive this capitalist hellscape.

@WanderingBeekeeper if I could make a life out of growing potatoes and beets I would.

I did so! Happy out there too!
Plus, I'll crack 60 soon, so pulling wire and sitting at a keyboard most of the time isn't good for me.
Better out with the trees :-)
Today was glorious (again!). Not too hot, not too many bugs. Bit of a breeze. Pleasant workmates - when you see them. Usually we are too far apart to talk to each other.
Saw Winnie the Pooh yesterday - a big one. Saw tracks from Bullwinkle this afternoon, but tracks make thin soup as they say...

@jameschip I've discovered the only way for me to stay in IT is to spend every spare moment among the trees.

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