Me at work: I have never seen this box before, what’s in it?

*opens box*

Ah, a single large chip labeled “lucifer”. It’s 2020, what could possibly go wrong.

@jameschip well it actually means 'bringer of light' and is initially related to the planet Venus ... so maybe a good surprise ;)

nice narrative plot setup anyway, like cyberpunk version of Aladin lamp ... ?

@Olm_e @jameschip Find the computer or device it goes in, then connect it to the internet!

@Olm_e @jameschip Yeah, I really want to know what happens next in this story... :)

@jameschip Contains a digital version of Covid-19, called Covid64. Keep your devices five meters away from it

@jameschip i refuse to allow this to be the end of this story

@jameschip you are required by nerd law to dump and post that rom immediately

2020 joke 

@jameschip oh.

it all makes sense now.

this is what started it all.

2020 joke 

@jameschip despite any efforts to the contrary, either you or somecreature else will at some point in the near future power that chip, at which point they'll be transported back to late 2019 and kick off a particular set of events… " It’s 2020, what could possibly go wrong." is like... the catchphrase for every new week.

Please just give the Box back to Pandora, will ya? Jeez. 😉

@jameschip If that’s a microprocessor, I hope it has an HCF instruction.

@jameschip god the dust and the worn, slightly burned looking label make this even more ominous

@jameschip do it run apocalypse.exe can't be much worse right... right?

@jameschip I like how the sticker is mildly worn in a way that it appears singed.

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