And here is the game that @ice contributed to the micro fiction games jam. Paper Tron!

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@jameschip lol I made a typo, this should be "Choose", not "Chose". I've rewritten and reread it dozens of times, and still failed to catch this one, heh.

@ice im still on m laptop at the moment so ill have a look and get it corrected.

@jameschip There's pretty interesting stuff in there BTW. They are micro games for sure, but they also have some kind of poetic and aesthetic value, a bit like haiku.

It may motivate me to do a few experiments with this kind of tiny format in the future, it's inspiring, thanks for hosting this!

@ice There is a definite divide between games that are mechanics heavy and games that are more narrative heavy in there. Its quite interesting seeing how people approach designs and interpret the theme.

@jameschip Yeah, they're very different, not only regarding the narrative vs mechanics approach, but also because how they're played. One takes place in a real space with a social context, the other in a pure mental space. Yet both rely on players' imagination.

@ice one I found really interesting is the one that uses fonts as prompts. I’m really blown away by the variety of approaches and quantity too.

@jameschip Ah yes, I thought it was standing out as well. It's a cool idea, quite different from the usual card/dice + table look up.

@jameschip @ice Nice, that looks really fun

A zine of all submissions would be really great. I want to play this with my roommates, but they aren't computer hackers or big gamers. A pleasing physical presentation would help the sell.

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