Here’s one big take away for me about moving from Github to

Github treats source control like a social network. Getting stars on your projects, following users, news feeds, showing off your usage stats for... some reason.

It’s not until you get away from that you realise how fucking awful and pointless it is.

A load of other stuff too, but that.

@jameschip I just looked that up, it looks pretty promising if a bit barebones at the moment. Might perhaps become a popular and viable alternative :D

@robots I dunno about barebones. Mailing lists, bug trackers, git hosting, wikis.

Seems pretty complete to me. Much else seems like a waste.

@jameschip that's fair. I'm not a developer myself, but I get what you mean.

@jameschip Here's the "some reason": getting a job without having to endure multiple hours of whiteboard coding interviews. I'll take that deal (and did).

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