Designer notes for if your network attached device should have an ethernet port:

Is your device handheld?

If yes the you may get away without a port, but you should include one if you can.

If no continue.

Is it portable?

If yes then include an ethernet port.

If no continue.

Is it for a fixed position?

If yes include an ethernet port.

If no, include an ethernet port.

Your phone should be the only network attached device you have that doesn’t have an ethernet port, and even then it would be nice to have the option.

WIFI is not the zenith, it’s a useful support nightmare not the default.

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@jameschip The only downside is that I'm not aware of a small form factor ethernet plug type. It's always possible to do this over USB or something, but that's not quite the same as "an ethernet port".

@jens true but if an adaptor can supply the presence of an ethernet port for a handheld device then that is better than not having one at all.

For a portable device there’s really no excuse though.

@jameschip I agree completely! There's enough space on even tiny boards for the Ethernet functionality.

What I meant is, it would perhaps help drive home the point if there was a USB-C-sized standard Ethernet port. It's only 8 cables, after all. And shielding at that size is also possible. Should be nice and small.

@jens i feel like this already exists but probably doesn’t.

I am sure that usb-c ethernet adaptors are a thing so it should be absolutely possible.

@aynish it’s not allowed to be called a smart watch unless it has an ethernet port and SCART!

@jameschip Okay this sounds like a nice world to live in! and I'm kinda mad at Apple for not putting ethernet ports on any of our laptops for the last, uh, 7 years?.

[hand-me-down computer, will not be buying Apple again.]

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