Someone from London told me that they couldn’t live where I do because the country side is too dirty.

Last time I went to London I blew my nose and soot came out.

I might have muddy shoes but at least I have a clean nose.

@jameschip Sounds like the chimney children missed their shift that day.

@Lofenyy even the whole cast of Mary Poppins wouldn’t get London clean.

@jameschip Oof, that's a solid one. Much better than my awful joke that I probanly shouldn't have sent.

@jameschip I'd make another Brit-themed joke, but the heat from my phone is causing my igloo to start to melt again. I'm gunna power off for the next few minutes, then power on again.

@jameschip I mean, I could just lower the fire, but I'm cooking right now so that wont be an option. I need to look into widening out the hole, but that often makes it too cold without a fire and I'm too lazy.

@jameschip capital city dwellers mean 'dead' when they say 'clean' in this way. They choose not to tolerate the gentle chaos of sharing land with other lifeforms that they cannot collar or pot, and absolutely insist on their radioactive planks to walk on and tarred roads to be driven over. The civilized way is to never connect with the earth but to be comfortably severed from it.

It stands to reason that those who depend on such severe order would fear communing with the earth on its own terms.

You've shattered my world view...

Now I want to move out of the suburbs even more!

@gpsych yes.

The ones that do get over the “dirty” move here and then spend the rest of the time complaining that things aren’t the same as they are in the city.

“Did you know the shop closes at 9? Back in London they are open all night!”

Fuck off back to London then.

“Shops? Where we’re going, we don’t need any shops…”

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