I have this idea for a story game where the players are living through a significant historical event that happened locally.

Having a real hard time working out a way for the players to be involved yet at a distance.

It’s a weird one.

@jameschip The first thing that comes to mind is playing as reporters/journalists or chroniclers - depending on the setting.

@FredBednarski @jameschip I had a similar thought where different units of a film crew have to describe their shots.

@FredBednarski the luxury of that. It would be set in 1370 which somewhat limits that.

I was hoping to have the players play as ordinary, whatever that means, citizens living during the event.

Hopefully getting the players to play out how their lives were before, during and after with the events happening around them.

@FredBednarski I dunno, it just feels a fine line to walk on this between them being present enough to experience the events at a distance but not so distant that it’s kind of not important.

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