This second ‘lockdown’ has caused the The gut who ran the old bookshop in town to close up which is sad.

He had said he would close up eventually, he was in his mid 70’s and I think he just ran it to keep busy.

He was an old friend of my Dads and when we were young every time we popped in he would give me a Mr. Men book. One day he didn’t have any and he disappeared into the back room and when he reappeared he was brandishing a copy of Mr, Bookseller, a Mr. Men he had just created.


The shop was a right mess with boxes upon boxes of books everywhere. The last time I went in I asked if he had any Dostoyevsky and he shot off into a corner and returned with a little stack of books. He could locate anything in that mess.

It’s was a really magical place and I’ll miss both the shop and him as I suspect I won’t see him again.

My parents too my little one in shortly before all this covid stuff started and he gifted our little one their first Mr. Men book too.

He sold me my first ukulele too. He was also a bassist and once he saw me walking past with mine and called me over out the window to come, have a cup of tea and play bass with him.

Nice guy.

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@jameschip thank you for sharing that story :) Small bookshops can be magical!

@electret they can indeed. This one especially for me in particular. I’m really sad to see it go.

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