I wish I felt safe riding a bike to work.

Drivers hate cyclists here. Actually hate them though and I found out the hard way. I used to bike to work but had a few coffee cups thrown at me from car windows and was knocked off my bike on more than one occasion, once by someone clipping me with a wing mirror.

Thats why I drive now? I don’t want to be killed.

And here’s another thing. “Just use public transport” is something only people in cities tell me when I say this.

When the bus service here was privatised they killed it. They jacks the price of the ticket to make it profitable the because it was cheaper to drive people did that. So they cut nearly all the services back.

Sure I’ll catch the one bus that goes out and be late for work, and then catch that same bus home the next day because the last bus leaves before work ends.



Although there is a guy that has a tractor with a trailer that he put some old church pews in that goes around the villages at the weekend so people can get about.

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