If I ever meet the person who came up with the feature of text editors where it puts a closing bracket or quote mark in for you when you are typing I will challenge them to a duel.

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@jameschip So I enabled this in my text editor a few months ago, and now you mention it it's actually been really getting on my nerves. It causes way more issues than it really should. Perhaps I'll turn the feature off.

@bitomag It is ok in theory, but when you go back and try and put a \" in a string for instance. Grr.

@jameschip Yeah, I think it might be easier to just manually enter 2 "s though. I have been trying to use Android Studio lately and can I be your second when you find them?

(Also control-a, control-d, control-e all do wrong things, but I recognise that may be my perspective as an Emacs user)

@jameschip Not sure this was the exact provenance but I think it might come from Paredit in Emacs except Paredit is much smarter than just balancing delimiters. It generally speaking prevents you from entering any syntactically incorrect Lisp either by typing or deleting.

After years my brain counts parentheses pretty easily but I still wouldn't want to live without paredit.

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