Ok then. Got the pot of tea. Got the porridge. Got the cricket on.

Lets write the website generator then.

Not much time this week to work on this.

This morning I added the ability to get a list of all the files in a directory, which is surprisingly elegant in C.

I can also get a list of all sub directories and then the files within them.

I feel like this is the hard bit done, now i just need to read the files, parse them and write the output, which the code should already be done for.

I have some time tonight so hopefully ill get it done.

Oh I also added the ability to parse a setting file in a simple:


format so I can add settings when needed. I also check to see if this settings file exists before doing the build of the website.

That will avoid problems I had in the last version.


This morning over a pot of tea I added the code that creates the directories for any output files but only if it is needed.

Whenever i deal with paths in C i am reminded of how usefull strchr() and strrchr() are!

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