Print and digital copies of A Wood Heart are now available for sale on my itch page or my big cartel shop. All details at my website:

A Wood Heart is a map drawing and story telling game about humans, forest spirits and the intersection of their existence.


A Wood Heart is #1 popular on itch :) 

Shit me!

A Wood Heart is currently the most popular physical game on itch.

It's silly because it's really nothing, but I feel really proud of that.

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A Wood Heart is #1 popular on itch :) 

Congratulations! 🎉 It is not nothing, and you should be proud.
It reads really interesting. Different, but interesting.

A Wood Heart is #1 popular on itch :) 

@jameschip Ya-hooo! Congrats, mate!

A Wood Heart is #1 popular on itch :) 

@jameschip congrats!

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