Brb migrating from to codeberg.

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@f as time has gone on I have become less and less a fan of the owner’s behaviour.

@jameschip I can understand that decision. He has strong opinions on things.

@jameschip @f Did he do something? Most of his latest blog posts seem rather restrained in comparison to some of his rants.

@npisanti I actually just deleted the .git I’m my projects and started again because most of the commit history tends to be filled with “spelling corrections”. Kinda nice to start again fresh.

@jameschip ah that's fine, I don't have a very good commit discipline for my personal projects too

it's one of those things where you can use "but i'm an aaaartist" as excuse

@npisanti yeah, and nobody contributes to my projects so I don’t have to worry about cutting anyone out.

@zachdecook @npisanti ih yeah, you sent something in to scenes but I never merged it I think :s thank you all the same. Ill have to see if I can find your addition out.

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