Observing the growth of a dwarf French bean seed with the kid and sharing the results with you folk because I know yall love sprouting things.

3 seeds have been placed in this jar pressed against the glass with damp kitchen paper. Each day ill top the water up and tip the excess out.

seed germination day 2. 

I think the seed has swollen a little already.

Germination day 3, cracks are showing. 

Only Day three and this seed is showing signs of a tiny crack forming already!

All of the beans have swollen somewhat from soaking up water. I can see it when I hold a dry bean up to it but the difference doesn’t come out on camera well.

I knew the sprout comes from that part of the bean, when they pop out of the ground they are often wearing the seed as a hat having exploded from that point.

Germination day 4, tails. 

Each of the three seeds have now cracked and have tails.

Germination week 1. 

Ok so we are a week on and the shoots have been growing every day.

The colour of the shoot seems to change over night. I do not know what relevance the colour has although I can start to see roots starting to grow out from the purple section.

I am wondering if maybe the purple part will be the root system and the green part of the stalk.

I can see the bean starting to split in half vertically but can’t get a picture because of how the jar sits.


Germination week 1. 

I assume it is splitting where the leaves will emerge once the seed has been pushed above the soil.

I do not know if the sprouts will be strong enough to push the seed out from the jar as I think they are more snug than when in soil, the bean will probably detach and allow the young leaves to shoot up and out.

The seed jackets at that point don’t provide much but a modicum of protection for the leaves anyway so it would not matter.

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