"At last Renée Montgolfier had her name cleared and was given the credit she deserved for her work in the field of aeronautics. Later that year she founded the
Institut de recherche sur l'exploration interstellaire where she continued her work in advancing the field of extraplanetary balloon travel."



having a bit too much fin writing the lore to go with my new game Deep Space Baloon Race.

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"Lady Elanor insisted that the modifications she had designed for the circulator in her balloon (La déesse interstellaire )
had not only saved a substantial amount of weight, but also conserved more air for longer."

@jameschip Would be great if the balloon crafts had names, like the first actual hot air balloon the Aérostat Réveillon :>...

@rek oooh I like this! I’m deep in writing the history of the first deep space balloon race at the moment but I might go and add names in when I do an edit pass.

It all started with an argument between two high society ladies getting into an argument about who’s heavily modified balloon could fly faster for longer!

@jameschip @rek I made a twine game about 6 years ago about anarchist hot air balloon operators, entirely written in l33tspeak, with public domain images of hot air balloons from the 1800s! Let me know if you want me to track down those images!

@exquisitecorp oh some of these are great! Thank you! Was there ever an image more perfect for this project?

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