My parents found a dvd copy of Carl Sagans Cosmos and now I have this unrealistic image of sitting with our kid and binge watching it together.

@ritualdust I think the little one is still a bit too little to sit and watch it to be honest, maybe in another year or so.

I really like the idea of it though.

@jameschip totally, I wish i had seen that as a kid, it left a strong impression on 25-year old me so I can only imagine what it can do on a kid's mind :)

@ritualdust yeah I was in my early 20s when I first saw it too and it was a whole experience.

When it’s time I’ll make sure I bake an apple pie for snacks.

@jameschip oh wow.. I would very much like to watch that again. I remember seeing that together with my father as an early teen (I must have been 12 or 14, something like that). Left a great impression !

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