Music I have listened to this week (non exhaustive list):

Dizzy Gillespie
Bad Brains
Circle Jerks
Keith Hudson
Toots and The Maytals
Joy Division
King Tubby
The Meters

@jameschip Great picks! For me, I've listened to Stacy Garrop, Nixon in China (a french production with Asian singers as opposed to the yellowface production they did here), All Saints (I love their two most recent albums), Blonde Redhead, Lill-Babs, and The Take Vibe. About to put on the legendary "The Music of Cleopatra on the Nile" album by an anonymous Mount Vernon ensemble. Klezmer classics with a faux-Egyptian Hollywood veneer. First read about this record in American Splendor♥
@jameschip Uh, by Faust, do you mean the seventies rock band, or the opera?
@jameschip 👍 I listen to a ton of operas and to a ton of seventies rock. Gonna check out their debut, I love that trippy X-ray cover. Thanks for the reco!
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