Did some repotting of the succulents. The jase plant lost a couple of leaves trying to get it out of the hole in the container it was in which is fine. Im letting the leaves that got knocked off sit and dry a bit and I’m going to try propagate some new ones!

I also split about 6 chicks off the hen and I’m going to propagate those too and give them as gifts to people.

The golems ear came out in one piece, I’m going to let it settle in and take a cutting later.

The golems ear is a bit dark at the moment, I have put it in a much sunnier place and hopefully it will brighten up a bit and develop those lovely red tips to the leaves that it had before. I love this plant so much, it’s really alien looking with the little tube leaves.

The golems ear is interesting, it’s a normal jade plant but has been attacked by a fungi that makes the leaves curl and join up apparently.

@dualhammers they are really quite nice and pretty easy to care for. I am only just discovering the world of succulents myself.

@dualhammers some more than others. I think jade plants are supposed to be a good air cleaner and aloe vera. Like all plants they will clean the air a bit.

@jameschip @dualhammers The rule of thumb I've seen is: The bigger the leaf (i.e. surface area), the more it cleans. Don't know if the botany backs that, though.

@lrhodes @dualhammers I don’t know about this but The indoor air cleaning properties of plants is a bit overstated.

While they were very good in lab conditions with a high volume of gasses in a sealed case, they were nearly nowhere near as effective in an actual real world setting.

You need about 10 plants per square foot of floor space to reach the level of air cleaning of something like opening a window.

@lrhodes @dualhammers they are however very good for you in many other ways, look really nice, sometimes smell lovely and can be quite rewarding to look after and watch grow.

@jameschip @lrhodes I have yet to enjoy the looking after part yet. STill feels tedious

@dualhammers @lrhodes caring for plants isn’t for everyone, my wife for instance has zero interest in growing or caring for plants. Finds it very high labour and low reward.

I however quite enjoy watering, pruning, propagating and so on.

Not everyone will be a horticulturist.

@jameschip @lrhodes This is true. But I do like seeing green, so I aim for easy ones :)

@dualhammers @lrhodes you’re going to like succulents then, they can be very forgiving to look after. Err on the side of under watering and leave them to it.

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