Tempted to do inktober this year but all tge prompts are M R James stories.

@ritualdust it’s going to be sooo spooky. Ending with Halloween too!

@jameschip totally I've recently watched the BBC adaptations of A warning to the curious and Stigma and I'm inspired :3

@ritualdust I don’t think I have seen these!

They did Martins Close a few years back and that was excellent.

@jameschip sweet, added to my list ~ his work has been on my list for a while but after watching Woodlands dark and days bewitched I knew I had to check it out ~

@ritualdust I have had a copy of the complete works for a good while and read most of it every October. It’s wearing thin because it’s traveled the country with me a few times.

Absolute favourite.

@jameschip that sounds so lovely, I'll have to get a copy one day ~

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