Watching Number Blocks is giving me a crisis.

If two 1 blocks, each with their own memories, combine to form a 2 what happens to their memories and personality go? Where do the ones for the newly created 2 come from?

@jameschip they actually cover something like this question on stephen universe. the characters on the show are immortal silicon based lifeforms in exile on earth, who formed a kind of superhero team called “the crystal gems”, they are fugutives from their home planet for practicing a form of love that their homeplanet considers deviant; called gem fusion , where the consciousnesses of two of them merge into a single being.

@jameschip for a show that dresses itself up like a kids show for kids, it actually deals with some heavy concepts like abusive relationship, codependence, war crimes, unrequited love, fascism and oppression, the philosophy of consciousness, loss, sexual assault, gender identity. i really wonder if it’s actually a show for adults

@jameschip my opinion is that all blocks are telepathically linked to a single malevolent consciousness. It's all an act. Their goal is to conquer the universe by gathering as many (seemingly) silly blocks as possible to build a single looming mega blockstack of destruction and doom.

@jylm6d it’s all a sick game conducted by the alphablocks then?

@jameschip something like that. It all wraps up in the episode featuring block nº 7 234 654 322 221. But kids lost interest in the show at this point.

@jylm6d all the kids had moved onto bluey before it finished.

@jameschip that's for the better. The comprehending of the true finality of number blocks have broken more than a few strong minds. Some cosmic truths are better left hidden, for our own sanity.


If I experience something on Monday and I also experience something on Tuesday, what happens when it becomes Wednesday? Who even am I? I have the memory of my experiences on Monday but… also the memory of my experiences on Tuesday…?! Where did my Monday self go and where does the Wednesday self come from? Where is the boundary between these selves? How many wicks are burning in this same tallow?

Good luck my friend

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