Super Metroid was peak game. Nothing has been quite as good since.

@jameschip @flip "It's free, but you do technically unlock card backs by owning our other games, so let's pretend that's a legitimate monetization strategy."

@jameschip Dread is so far good. I would say that Fusion was a bit more... Linear. But not that bad. Liked the more "clear" path you have to take. Now about the rest? I think Dread combines the best aspects of Fusion and Super together so far. The storytelling is great. Love the search for network nodes to get some more info!

@ordoalea you know, I have never played the modern ones because I never had the console. I really disliked the first person Metroid games though. No platforms in fps for me please.

@jameschip Oh agreed. Tried playing Prime... But it felt weird. Not a bad game, just weird. Dread on the other hand... WOW.

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