Creating a website that is aimed at teaching ttrpg creators how to create html and epub content instead of just pdf.

You use a tarot deck to generate an adventure and write the layout in markdown, then convert it to both epub3 and html using pandoc.

My hope in the long run is to provide a collection of templates then people can then use to quickly jump start into creating non pdf content.

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@malin i think LaTeX can already output to html. I think pandoc cam make the conversion too but has no access to the extra packages.

@jameschip I'd appreciate this resource a ton, and I know a lot of other TTRPG layout people who would. We're typically self-taught, and working with a pretty limited toolset.

@linkskywalker I know that feeling a lot. This is a really quick starter guide so not hugely in depth, but it should give you the tools to start making better things.

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